We are OONA – a Stockholm based, international-oriented audiovisual label and composer cooperative. We are a union of independent artists, composers and content creators seeking to redefine the nature of what a record label is. We crave deeper, more resonant experiences, and strive to create synergies between music and visual/tactile artists and art forms. We believe that the unheard and unseen live at the intersection between disciplines, and new dimensions of expression can be discovered through boundless collaboration.

OONA represents a decisive movement away from the confines of genre. Our works are distinguished by a depth of feeling, an unbound mindset, and the desire to connect and move both creators and consumers through content-rich experiences.

Our core ideals emphasize long-term artistic development, careful curation, and the construction of a business model in which the artist is at the center structurally and financially. While honoring the rich and infinite lineage of music and art of which we are an extension, OONA seeks to play a role in forging possible futures. It’s an ambition of ours based on ethics, a push for artistic agency, and the conviction that we are stronger together.